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Over 60 Dating
Edna, 65

I'm retired, and it can be hard to meet others which are the same age and share some interests. I enjoy gardening and am something of an amateur chef! I would like to meet a man who enjoys home comforts and is warm to be around.

60 Plus Dating
Claire, 62

I was widowed two years ago and feel ready to move on now. I am very active and enjoy cycling and visiting other countries. I'm very easy going and would like to meet a man who is sweet and maybe a bit cuddly!

Singles Over 60
Judith, 63

I'm not worried about whether I find love or just some good friends. I'm very sociable and like to see friends several times per week. I enjoy classical music and I make my own pottery. Would love to meet men who can handle starting as friends.

Members Success Stories

"Joanne" had winked at me on the Friday, I winked back on the Saturday. We talked on the chat thing that night and then swapped phone numbers. We had a fantastic time and got on great.

David & Joanne

I joined the dating site earlier in the year and took a leisurely approach to contacting people. Then I was contacted with a 'wink' by Andy, I was curious and read his profile and then 'winked' him back! I think he is great and I know he keen to continue getting to know me.

Daniel & Sarah

I wish all your members success in their search for love, or whatever they seek, and never give up trying. It took me nearly a year to find Suzanne, having registered with various dating sites, but we would never have met without the internet.

Jack & Suzanne

What's Dating Like In Your 30s?

People don't hit their peak till over 30. Your twenties are all about learning about who you are and what you want, but also what you need. In your thirties, you know what you are looking for and that's why relationships that start at that age tend to go the distance. LoveInYour30s is dedicated to people who are in this age bracket and want to find love or perhaps just have some fun times with people who share the same outlook. It's a place where people are encouraged to be proactive and message or wink at anyone they like the look of... You've got to be in it to win it! The point is you should have fun on this site. We aren't just another dating site. We take the pressure and formality out of dating and just keep the fun and that 'butterflies' feeling. So enjoy yourself and don't take it all too seriously.

A Dating Site Just For People In Their Thirties

The aim of LoveInYour30s is to enable people of a similar age and outlook to meet in a fun and friendly environment. Our members are typically people who are interested in finding someone genuine for a fulfilling relationship, though we also welcome people who are just dipping their toe too! We've found over the years that the kind of person a dating site attracts completely flavours the experience you get inside it, and one of the things we are grateful for is that our site seems to attract people who interact with respect and warmth towards each other. Many people have already been through one or more relationships by this age, and it's easy for cynicism to creep in. However, this is a big mistake, and the fact that you're on this page shows that you are more positive at heart. It can be hard to get over past romantic experiences, but it's important not to let past experiences affect your positivity for meeting new people. This includes even just making new friends. Healthy relationships bring immeasurable benefits to each of our lives.

How To Have Fun Meeting New People

It sounds great talking about finding love, but it can seem like a long way off. The best way to meet a life partner is to actually first focus purely on meeting people who enrich your life, and whose lives you can enrich. This is the key to meeting people on the same 'wavelength' as you - you don't rule people in or out until you've got a good feel for how they tick. So many people on dating websites veto interacting with certain people based in a strict set of criteria they are looking for in a potential partner. The issue with that is twofold. First, you start to commoditise people if you behave in this way, as though you are browsing along a supermarket shelf at consumable products. Second, you end up cutting out people who could enrich your life, whether it's romantically or as friends. Some of the most interesting people you can meet, are ones you might not have ever guessed could be relevant to you. And so, you must ask yourself what is the key to happiness in terms of the people in your life? For us, it's about finding people operating on the same frequency as you. Once there are enough people like this around you, great things start to happen - you won't need to chase love at this point! We hope you enjoy your time on the site and build meaningful bonds with people here.